HMEF(Heat & Moisture Exchange Filter), BV Filter

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HMEF(Heat & Moisture Exchange Filter), BV Filter

Respiratory filters are disposable consumables that must be used during the use of invasive or non-invasive ventilators and anesthesia ventilators to reduce cross infection in hospitals. It can protect both patients and precision equipment from contamination. Our company produces a complete range of respiratory filters with standardized interfaces, which can meet various usage scenarios.



The humidifying composite respiratory filter, commonly known as the artificial nose, can provide moisturizing and insulation functions while filtering, relieving respiratory irritation symptoms in patients.



The bacterial filtration efficiency is above 95%, and all raw materials and interface standards comply with EU, FDA, and CFDA standards.


我公司专业代加工,提供散装成品、灭菌单包装成品,价格优惠质量可靠,欢迎出口加工客户咨询选购Our company specializes in OEM processing, providing bulk products and sterilized single packaging products at competitive prices with reliable quality. We welcome export processing customers to inquire and purchase.



Interface size: 22F/15M-22M/15F